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Caribbean 40 boat test from Bluewater Magazine issue 117

The Caribbean 40 was a hit at the 2016 Sydney International Boat Show, and its no wonder this boat is our best seller. Thanks to Bluewater Magazine for allowing us to publish their review of the 2016 Caribbean 40. Check out the full review here….BlueWater Boat Test – Caribbean 40 – from Issue 117

1998 Caribbean 35 Boat review

Quiz time. Competitors, check your buzzers. Okay, your time starts now… What do King Kong, Two Dogs, Moonshine, Rampage, Bacardi II, Movin’ On, Gamefisher, Take Time, Fish Tales, Black Pete and Ulysses have in common? Buzzzz … They’re all… Ahhh … Errr… Ummm … They’re the names of Betty Windsor’s corgis? No, I’m sorry, Dave, […]

1999 Caribbean 28 Boat Review

The adage reads: “Don’t fix what ain’t broke.” It’s often used when people discuss methods or techniques, but it can apply equally to trains, planes, automobiles, anything mechanical – even boats. In its own way the manufacturer behind the Caribbean marque, International Marine, was a champion of this mindset. It has long boasted a healthy […]

2001 Caribbean 2400 Boat Review

Not for me the smell of napalm in the morning. Give me a lung full of salt air any day. There’s nothing quite like the smell of the ocean, baitfish and marlin breath to stir the senses. These ambrosial aromas hung like thick fog in a dairy dale as I ventured into the open ocean. […]

2003 Caribbean 32 Sports Boat Review

If the proof is in the pudding, then look no further than this custom-rigged Caribbean 32 Sports. First visited by BlueWater almost a year ago, the new model was judged to have plenty of unrealised fishing potential. All that was needed was a boatyard blitz and a deft bit of handiwork to create a canyon-running […]

2004 Caribbean 47 Boat Review

When you’re ready to partake in some coastal cruising, kitted out for holidaying afloat and itching to live aboard with friends or family, there are certain things you must have. You will covet comfort from the beds to the heads; need personal space, storage space and privacy; seek restful seats from the helm to the […]

2005 Caribbean 32 Boat Review

Caribbean cruisers are like floating homes with decent backyards. They’re based on sound foundations, down-to-earth and practical design, with little pretence. You get a lot of real estate for your money. You look at them and think, yes, this works; I could buy this boat and raise my recreationally-minded family aboard. But of all the […]

2008 Caribbean 40 Boat Review

Melbourne’s International Marine has been making Caribbean cruisers since the year dot. More than 50,000 boats have been built since Arch Spooner, regarded as the forefather of fibreglass boatbuilding in Australia, formed his plastics company in 1958 and quickly started manufacturing boats. Thus, this evergreen yard has the runs on the board. Who can argue […]

2006 Caribbean 35 Boat Review

While the state of the Australian boat-building industry has fluctuated over the years and importers and brands have come and gone, Victorian manufacturer International Marine has quietly gone about its business and built in excess of 50,000 boats. That’s right, 50,000! An astounding number considering the consistent doom-and-gloom predictions from certain sections of the industry […]

Caribbean 27 Boat review

It was one of those déjà vu moments. There I was floating in the middle of Botany Bay, big bombers winging it overhead to Mascot Airport, rare wading birds from Siberia splodging about in the mud at the Towra wetlands, fishermen drifting nonchalantly across the steely surface in their knockabout tinnies, as Kurnell, the birthplace […]